My Wedding Story starts with a very Beautiful Woman and an ordinary guy in the physical, so marrying this amazing beauty is a testimony on its own because I cannot even marry myself if I was in her shoe, but she agreed after going on both kneel to pop the question. (I believe God had a big part to play).


This story is similar to the theme of “Nothing to Something” but it has a big twist to it and I think God wanted me to write this story to help someone fight his/her own battle, we are light to others so they can find their own path and give glory to our heavenly father who showed us the way.

So our beautiful wedding to take place on the 20th of October 2018, which also fell on my Mother’s birthday “a cliche”. Hmmm, this story is not on the wedding day but 5 months before the wedding were we both saying to ourselves there’s still time to prepare but we had to do an estimated budget for the wedding which amounted to NGN 6.5 million (Wow) right and I had to check my account balance to see what I had there and the amount was not even close to 1% of it and that is because I had not gotten salary for more than 3 months that is because they were going through a financial battle but they have won now, and I was thinking the estimated budget not realizing my facial expression was down and my wife (fiancee) said we should just move the date because she knew about it and I said No with confidence, where the confidence came I do not know or maybe it was shame should not catch me and we changed topic and moved on.


Let me be honest, being a man ain’t an easy thing because you also have to think about a solution to the situation on ground and I had started thinking of the rich family members and friends that can help but how will I go meet them and the answer in my head as if you are not ready abeg move the thing (Mehn I have thought of the rejection and acceptance) but in the midst of this lost thoughts something with life spoke in a gentle voice; “Talk to God (I believe this was the holy spirit), I promise you that It is not like the story you hear people say I prayed to God and miraculously a solution came but I will show you my faults and way out.


So I went to God into prayer and I was making reference with Philippians 4:6,19. People the answer did not come up and I kept on a daily basis when the wedding thought comes up in my mind and I had a leading to sow a seed, Now I have to say I had $100 in my wallet that I was to save in my account but because of the no salary pay coming in I decided to keep it and when I had nothing come in I will change it and spend and a feeling came saying sow the money, mehn I fought the feeling that it is my heart that wants to give that is talking and hushed it. That week I went for Thursday service (your steps will take you to your destination) and our spiritual father (Pastor Jimi Tewe) had a leading to preach that we do not trust God that most of us hear the instruction from God towards a goal and we hold back (we lack trust in God), that hit me, stroke me, beat me badly, so I repented and sowed $50 in the offering basket to church. I believed that he has a greater plan for me and at least I had $50 for buffer but guess what happened on Sunday; a gentle voice spoke to me and said sow the remaining $50 to your mentor and the message of trust kept playing in my head and I went to meet her and explained to her what God told me and the struggle and she accepted it and prayed for me and guess what the word came from her which is “An all expense paid wedding will I have”.


People I kept praying and thanking God for an all expense paid wedding ceremony with my bible verse and the funny thing is when the devil tries to remind me of no money or funds I continually remind him of the word and prayed it out rejoicing which over time built my confidence. Guess what we contacted all the vendors and we got a final budget of NGN 7 million but I said in my heart “All expense paid wedding ceremony”.


So here is the best part of the story, the miracle happened like this; the spirit said present your budget to your brothers and my mind wanted to say give them one small amount so they will manage and send something to you but he said to present the whole budget to them and I did and we had a brief discussion on the budget and guess what they all said they will knock off a lot of things from the budget and I was like it was way more than the amount I had in my mind and next thing I got a huge fund of alert in my account from one and I said this is only God. it did not stop there my amazing Uncle and his wife promised to pay an huge fund and also give for the house I was moving into (In my mind I literally ran mad). I told my mentor and she said more is coming and I kid you not more came, got a cow for the wedding, got funds from other relatives, even my mum went extra mile to get things done and the best part is my wife also got similar testimony because her folks made huge payments towards our wedding. We paid every vendor all the amount we owed and got our house in shape. This makes me enjoy the verse of the Bible Ephesians 3:20 ( He exceeded what we were expecting him to do ).


So did you see that the story is a joy to read but you know what the same can happen to you if you trust in him and not doubt irrespective the circumstances? We are not moved by what we see in the physical but we are moved by what God says.


Thank you for reading.


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  1. I tap into this anointing men!!!

  2. God is able to do exceedingly above and beyond our imaginations all we just have to do us trust in him completely. I tap into this. AMEN 🙏🏽.

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