Amazing how a tiny spark of fire can destroy a forest.


One day, at home,  I woke up and made my way to the bathroom to take a bath and get set to work. I turned on the tap and I could feel the tap spitting out the last drop of water into my bucket and it was trying so hard to bring out water like scratching its throat but it was done for. Then my eyes opened up so wide that the remaining sleep left and I was faced with the reality that there was no water to have my bath. I’ll probably be that one thing in the office that everyone can smell but can’t place. Lucky me we had the power to pump water to bath.


Now I was curious about finding the cause. What is the thing that wanted to put me to shame? I even called up my landlord.  After an extensive search, we found a small crack in the pipe in the visitor’s loo which emptied the tank. This experience got me thinking that if that little thing can cause a big result, then one wrong action causes most of us to go under or depressed.


Let me lay down a rule; “Do not say I do not understand you or what you’re going through”. That statement is the quickest way to use your own hands to close the door that was opened for you to get out of the mess.


Now we have that rule laid down, I need you to follow this little analysis: a little spark of fire can destroy a forest (I started with this phrase) but do you know we can put off that spark before it goes wild? However,  most people have decided to keep that fire (the one mistake, the continuous mistake, the addictive mistakes), to manage the fire, hoping that no one else will see it, or they simply can tame it by themselves. What they do not realize is that the longer it’s up, the more it burns everything. I begin to wonder why we continue to tame the fire and that is because we are trying so hard to avoid people seeing us as vulnerable and worst of all what they will say about us.


The world will always judge us for who we are and any of our actions but we owe it to ourselves to pick ourselves up and move past it. People will appreciate a lesson we teach them which is “Do not go down that road but If you down this is how to come out”. I can see the future of most of you becoming a voice for those who are on the road of depression and you show them the way out because you found a way out.


People have asked us how they can get out of this depression and I have simple steps to help you;


  • Settle your heart with God


God is never hard and he is the surest way out. Let me make it simple; Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and the other things will be added unto you. You lay down your mistake to him not in condemnation but in a repentant heart that he loves you and hears you when you call.


  • Tell yourself the truth and accept you will face the storms


The next step is for you to tell yourself the truth, the truth that you made a mistake (how you did it should be you) but own up that you did it, do not try to pass the blame to someone but it was your decision.


  • Go to a quiet place and say it out to the air or write it out. (Keep doing this to build confidence to tell someone)


Build confidence by going somewhere to shout it out it will make you feel better. (It is releasing it to the air and the environment conforms to the reality that you acknowledge your error and will not use it against you). As for me I write a letter to God about the mistake and pray and burn it.


  • Tell a friend you can trust but if you cannot I am willing to listen to you. This will reduce the burden in your heart.


Your confidence is up after saying it out, so go all out and tell a friend about the issue, this removes the burden from you. (In case you have a problem finding that one person, I am available to listen). People are weighed down with a burden they should not carry alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


  • The journey is long when you go with the truth but it is the right path


This is not a step just a saying that will prepare your mind but I like it right where it is.


Now I have to recognize those whose depression is not as a result of a mistake of their action this article will not be 100% for you (I will write on that very soon) but I believe some of the steps will help you out.


But on a final note; the solution to an error that has gone deep into depression is to accept the truth about the error. You owe that to yourself to have a free mind which has to affect your heart to bleed. Free your mind to give space for the solution to the problem, never allow the environment to hinder you from a free mind.


The truth always set you free even if it looks so hard to follow that path but it is the only thing that brings true, lasting healing.

Thank you.

Olamide Odusola

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