About us

Isaacross is a motivational entity created to have people find a better side of themselves and also help them get through life challenges.


We write and teach motivational blogs which helps develop our clients and viewers to be the better person in all situation


Christian Vibes

With God all things are made easy and simple and we have found solutions through him in resolving every issue

Video and Audio

We upload different motivational teaching video and our audio series “Be More” with Olori Ajayi

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Meet the idea!

It was founded by Olamide Odusola, who created Isaacscross on the idea of interacting with people with challenges and do not have someone to tell but a virtual individual to guide you without each of them know themselves.
The blog was a spin-off from the idea to reach out to more people through writings and expression of the art in the mind and the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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