What To Do During Lockdown Singles Edition

The Lockdown has seen a lot of singles folks having a boring and frustrated lock down but here are some tips to help you during the lockdown 

A God inspired audio letters to help you navigate during the lock down period

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This is an inspiration video quote by Baz Luhrmann; Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

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In this episode, For Women Only, Olori shares practical insight with special guest, Efon Ekpo about dealing with overwhelm, tiredness, discouragement, a challenging business, heartache or carrying the weight of a failing relationship by having an emotional clear out and deciding to moving forward deliberately.


In this episode, Olori offers guidance on how to get through your silent seasons based on her personal experience, when things appear not to working right. How to fight exhaustion and discouragement and to keep moving and the things to change.

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