Joy comes to us when we dance to the news that he opened his eyes, we could not hold ourselves down. We danced every different dance step we had because all the activities of being a security guard on day and night duties, taking turns to watch over him were time tasking and worrisome. We shouted and called on the doctor and nurse that he opened his eyes and they came rushing in pushing us out of the way to check on him and run some tests on him.


We had started calling out on our family members about the great news that he opened his eyes and the doctors were running tests on him. You could feel the excitement of the person on the other side of the phone. 


Our excitement was pumped when the doctor confirmed that he was awake from a coma that took over a month with contemplation of pulling the plugs severally but we kept on standing and believing he will come around but he said they are still running some other tests. We did not ask about the other test since he is awake.


To our surprise, we saw the doctor come with other doctors to meet us and we were like, “what is going on here?” expression but they came to tell us that we can come to see him “Phew” we all ran and rushed to go see him. We got in all gather together crying and laughing seeing him awake with a spark of life.


But our excitement was cut short because he looked at us like strangers, he did not respond to the call of his name and the doctors explained that he had loss of memory due to the impact of the accident, so there is a possibility that he might remember who he is and his family and there is a possibility that he might remain like this until something triggers him.


It is so sad that he does not know how influential and wealthy he is that Presidents and top generals have been calling in to check on him and at this same moment I wonder do I know who I am?


We pass by many people and interact with some but it is sad that most people do not recognize how great they are, if the whole heaven rejoiced at one person’s decision to accept Christ, then you should be very important to heaven but we ignore that fact and act like we are not royalty of heaven; You are Joint heirs with Christ and we inherit not beg to be part of royalty. So stop acting dead to your identity and take charge of it.

Most of us have unknowing denied that authority Christ gave us when he rose and we go to every door of opportunity trying to look for the key to open the do, not realizing that we show the door our key card and it opens up for us. We have access to all doors through Christ and the Holy Spirit within us. So Wake up from being dead and show WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST!

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