My Mistake, Our Mistakes (a sex story)

My Mistake, Our Mistakes (a sex story)

A breath of fresh air comes to Sam as he gains admission into a prestigious higher institution. He was joyous when he passed his Jamb examinations and when he found his name on the list of the admitted student but he is more joyous because he will be realized from his own prison by the jailers who loved him the most; his parents. No more watchful eyes of his parents, no more curfew on when you should be at home, no more little pocket money and no more restriction to the friends he brings to the house.


He felt chained because he wanted to have company of girls in his house on his bed making love which he has had many fantasies which were as a result of his exposure to friends talking about girls, music he listens to are about girls and sex, he has had access to porn on his phones and he masturbates but he has not done the real deal only first base which was done in a rush because of the environment he was with the lady so he was very eager to have these restrictions off him and what place can be better free than a higher institution.


After registration and all; Sam got a self-contain apartment and pimped it to his taste thanks to the money his parents gave him because he was the only son and they want him to be comfortable. He was going out for his first lecture and he was remembering all the beautiful ladies he meant during registration and with a loud voice he said; “Hello ladies Sam is here” and off he went for lectures.


Some months later Sam was in a relationship with Bisi after many trials and rejects he got from other ladies in his course he ended up with her. So Bisi is a part-time student who works in a hair boutique to raise money for herself since that what she has been doing right from home. She was the 10th child of her father and her mother is the fourth wife. She never understood what love means from her father apart from working and cooking with her mother for the whole family and the relationships she got into where more demanding on her because she wanted to enjoy love from somewhere else since it was lacking from the family and many of them took advantage of her falling deeply in love with them that she always does things to please them even after some left her or misbehave in certain ways she always feels she is not doing something right to earn their love and this is what she grew up seeing to earn the love of her father you either cook good meal he loves, do everything he asked you very well and earn a praise of a gift from him, which is what her mother does.

So Bisi falling in love with Sam was very different because this is something she has never experienced where a guy will always come around to check up on you and call you more than you call him, he was from Lagos city and she was from a local area in a town that most of the people are farmers, bus drivers, traders, etc. So when Sam asked her to make it officially she was overjoyed to say yes without any stumbling block and she gave all herself to him little did she know the story was going to change.

Immature Sam always having Bisi come over to his apartment and she passes the night in his house, well one thing leads to another; Sam experimented his sexual fantasies and Bisi was experiencing sexual intercourse different from what she was used to which she enjoyed. Sam felt like a King and an expert but in the process of his excessive act, he never took notice of the condom breaking. A few weeks later Bisi missed her period and she was worried about telling Sam until she confirms which she did a test and it was confirmed.


So she broke the news to Sam and before he could ask have you done a test she already responded that she has done a test and it came out positive; Now Sam went into a world of his own like a reset button was tapped on him that the fun time has ended and reality sets in; he could not utter a word and his facial expression was like a child who was flogged and was holding the facial expression not to cry but he was looking pale and swollen. He was lost in thought and series of questions;  I am just in my year one and very young for a baby right now, How will I tell my parents?, What will I say to them and what will they say to me? I will be the laughing dude of my class, my dreams of going for Masters after school will be gone, and how will they accept me? Deep in his series of internal interview Bisi could see that Sam was not ready and that he will not want to have this child but she was thinking If I keep it he will not want me again and I will lose this love I have enjoyed so much with him so it is best I take it out now so she concluded and took charge of the awkward situation calling out Sam; but he did not hear his name and she shouted and bam he was back and he said yes and she said do not worry Sam, I have a solution, I will take some drugs which I have heard some of my friends talk about to neutralize the pregnancy and if it does not work I will abort it but I will need money for the drugs; Sam seeing the best solution out of this embraced it and gave her more than she asked for and was calling her consistently if anything has changed until she confirmed that after a month that yes she is no longer pregnant after she saw her period again.


Am sure most people will be expecting that sad part of the story wherein the process of removing the pregnancy she died and Sam was arrested at a very young age locked in jail or Sam became a father at year 2 in school and lost all respect from his family and other loved ones but that not how it ends; this ended with Sam avoiding Bisi because he was no longer ready for such relationship and Bisi feeling cheated and bad that after all her sacrifices he left her, well they found themselves in that situation now but some days later they got back together and went back to the sexual escapades with the notion of being careful… The End


Am sure a lot of you will be expecting a bad ending that one or both of them will get burnt but well the story stopped there because we have many folks in this current position or have gone past it sure you can relate with that.


If we go deep into the story we will find some of the causes of poor decision making which are; Parental/Guardian upbringing, exposure to the vices as a teen, stupidity not to know when to stop. I will love to go big on the causes but I will leave it opened to you all to add more and break-down the problem.

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