Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race

Imagine the feeling of driving through traffic and your lane seems to be on standstill; looking over the next lane, the traffic seems to be flowing. Just when you decided to shunt lanes, the traffic on your former lane starts flowing. I bet regrets will set in.


This brings two friends to thought. Growing up together, both of them had a competitive approach to certain activities; best grades, video games, sports, etc. They seemed inseparable but life took its toll on their relationship starting from different choices of schools for their higher education and finally relocation to different states.


Fast forward seven years later, there were efforts made to keep in touch both on social media platforms and phone calls until they both lost communication to new friends. Bode now working in a first generation bank as a cash officer for his branch and making a good living and going up the ladder in his career. He fell in love and has plans on getting married in the coming year.


Alongside, he is working on getting some certification to give him better recommendations to moving him to the head office where it’s believed that the “main things” happen. He had everything planned out for him to get his set goals achieved which makes him look good amongst his peers.


Bode took the love of his life, Tope out for a night out at a beachfront bar, enjoying the cool music and the gentle touch of the ocean breeze on their skin. Having a drink and looking at the beauty sitting opposite him on the table was all that mattered at the moment till loud chattering from some guys on the other end distracted his gaze. After failed efforts to ignore them, he beaconed on a waiter and asked him to politely get them to bring down their voices. The noise went down and one of the guys came over to apologize …and BAM, it was Kunle his friend and they hugged and introduction was made to their friends and Bode’s finance and they chatted away about the times they missed and what they have achieved.


Going home, Bode was quiet and Tope was wondering what was wrong with him and she asked and he said nothing but she could see he was lying and she asked him again rephrasing the question, are you sad on seeing your friend? He snapped saying I have made a lot of plans to achieve great things but what Kunle has achieved is way better than mine, he is a successful marketer for another bank and he makes huge figures with crazy commissions and me am just a cash officer hoping to go up the ladder into international banking but looks like the plans do not look like it but it is fine and Tope tried to calm him down and he pretended to be calm about it and dropped her off.


Over the next weeks, Bode was in touch with Kunle and his plan was to keep himself updated on Kunle’s progress. He decided to change his plans and move into the marketing world where he had no experience or training but he had this belief in his heart that if Kunle can do it, he can do it better. So he got engrossed into learning and pushing himself forward that he was spending most of his time at work; he had no time for Tope, missing date night with her claiming he was trying to make enough money for their future, his parents were calling him and he was giving excuses at work for not having time to see them. This kept on that he had no one calling him except for Kunle.


Bode had his wish come through after two years, he went up the ladder and an award was to be presented to him and an award was to be given to him and the mail sent was he should come with a partner or his family to celebrate the award then it hit him, there was no one around to call; Tope had traveled out of the country for a master degree program since Bode was no longer ready and his parents where in another state visiting his brother who just welcomed a baby boy and he is not there to celebrate and the only person he could call was Kunle. So he picked up the phone called Kunle but the phone was picked by a police officer, after introduction he has informed him that Kunle was involved in fraudulent activities for a long time and that he was not remitting the full funds he received from clients. Bode dropped the phone and wept that he lost everything because he was competing with the wrong person. He lavished in his failure and wished he had stayed on his lane.

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  1. Wow!

    Could he have switched lanes and still keep up with friends and family?

    1. He can switch lanes and keep up with family and friends but he will be a burden to them (either in their heart, financially, mentally, etc) but when you are doing great on your lane you become a blessing to them

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