Safety, Death and Legacy

Safety, Death and Legacy

Have you ever lost someone who made a great impact on you in less than a year? Have you ever felt you could have done something to avoid this but you did not? Have you ever questioned God WHY he had to take a friend? Or question him about the imbalance of life that good ones had to go and we are left with some bad ones. Well I have been on that road and this is a brief of what led me to that point.

I recently lost a dear friend and colleague at my organisation and he had so much impact in less than a year – not just on me, but virtually the entire organisation. Most will be thinking how a young person will have so much impact in less than 7 months. He is not young but an elderly friend who could connect with me and share from his vast experiences of ups and downs. He made it so simple and clear.

How he calms people down is still a mystery to me, because he does it in such a way that you ask yourself why you were angry before. So when I get worked up due to some foolish behaviour, and I’m about to express myself like a locomotive train’s chimney he will call me privately or he sits with me to calm me down by talking about something and when he sees I have gone down then he will now advise me on the issue and how I should react. Now he won’t be around again.

Yes I did cry severally and yes I had thoughts that the story was a lie or that he would just wake up all of a sudden but none of it happened or brought him back. I had to behave like the big boss and console my colleagues at work but when I hear the good accounts about him through the pain in their heart and the expression from their eyes, I could not hold back the tears but allow them flow quietly whilst consoling them.

I felt a huge pain in my heart that I had to go to a secret place to call my wife (Always be open to her because she will carry the burden with you after Christ), I told her what happened and how I felt I bad that I missed this or I did not pray enough for the covering of my friends and told her about a night priory to the accident, I woke up in the middle of the night and I knew I was to pray which I did but in some few minutes I slept off and woke up back to pray and after some minutes later I went to sleep. Now I asked her, “Is it my fault that I fell asleep and did not push more?” But my wife (amazing woman) calmed me down and said you do not know what you prayed for in the spirit and if you did pray for him God had answered you from the beginning but she said what if God answered you but he did not listen to God’s warning not to go out or drive fast. That got me back up with confidence and then I got a confirmation.

Information got back to us on what happened, he was driving late and on top speed and there was construction work ongoing on the road which had a diversion but he noticed it very late and in an attempt to avoid hitting the diversion he manoeuvred the car but the car went rolling. The car is damaged but the damages can be fixed in less than 2 days but he died because he was not wearing his seat belt. This touched me because he preaches that we should always wear our seat belt but he was not wearing his.

Why am I telling you this story? Well, I want to share how I felt or feel so someone can learn from this that safety is key and yes God protects but we need to follow simple safety tips and procedures such as wearing your seat belts, wearing a face mask, wash your hands, lock all doors when you go to sleep, be observant of people in your environment and many more never expose yourself because God grace is sufficient but we can lose property, people, lives when we disobey. 

Also, I am saying this story for those who have gone into condemnation due to something they think or feel they should have done, which might have resulted in a wrong thing, remember that there is therefore no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Some people will think it is cliche and religious but when you pass your burden to him and it allows you to see clearly and make proper decisions.

Finally, I’m healed because I remember what he stands for and what he would have done if he had seen me like this; make me feel better by talking to me (which i am doing to you reading this now), so I will not tarnish what he stands for or what he taught me. I will live well and live his own legacy. 

Thank you for, sir, being an amazing person. 

Thank you all for reading

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