A good description of where I was born and brought up is the word humble. I have seen people experience insufficiency and lack. On a daily basis, the agony is quite much. There’s a lot of pushing and struggling; hustling in that environment is far different from what an average Lagosian define it as. Everybody lives, struggling to make ends meet but it hardly ever does.
My family had her own share of the struggles. The best my parents could do for us is ensure we went to good schools and fed on near-sufficient meals; the goal was to be healthy in the body and in the mind, after this, the rest was no big deal. It was concluded that if we went to good schools, we would have good jobs at the end of the day. Although for me, it didn’t end up that way (that would be a talk for another time).
Due to this kind of background, there was a yearning in my heart to be a noble personality in life. I wanted to have dignity and command honour through what I would eventually turn out to be in life even though I didn’t have a grasp of what exactly it was going to be. At some point, I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, then my interest change when I was in the middle of high school. I considered Architecture and a few other disciplines. This frequent switches of interest came along with varying experiences, especially because, for each of the interest, I followed through with a passionate pursuit and practical development of competence along those lines.
During one of my long vacations, I had enrolled with a mechanic to learn the basics of mechanical engineering. I was so passionate to build the first indigenous automobiles. Don’t forget that all the longings were influenced by my background. When I considered Architecture, I joined an architect before I gained admission to college. It was another learning curve for me. This particular experience brought me to work with a lawyer directly as well as a surveyor.
I worked personally with all of the three because they shared the same office apartment. My work with them was quite huge, I was an intrinsic part of their businesses. I learnt quite a lot where life, business and professionalism was concerned. What I didn’t know was that I was preparing for my dream life.
All the time, I was involved in some creative work too. I was introduced to positional leadership quite early at about the age of 12. I played multiple roles that involved creatively inviting people to weekly meetings where I engaged them in Personal Leadership and Development.
The entirety of my life has revolved around working with people, creative designing, business development and ideation and learning and development.
Fast forward into my present living, I studied industrial design in College and started a Leadership/Personal Development school as an undergraduate. I am a UK Certified Professional Business Manager and Consultant. I run two (2) non-profit organisations and a full-time brand building and consulting enterprise. I have an exceptional competence is helping people, products and organisations move from where they are to where they ought to be, maximizing every financial profiting they can create opportunities for.
In all of these, there only three (4) points I want you to know;

  1. Your DREAM LIFE is in the making: most times, people have a big picture of what they want to be like in the future and all they do is wait in expectation for it. They fail to realize that that big picture is not in what you have painted it to be in your mind, it is actually what you are fashioning it after through what you are doing right now.

Your current realities are the simple definition of what will yet become of you in the very dream life. Of course, the realities in terms of your standard of living and the dynamics of your occupation or exact business may change, but the concept behind the experiences really never change. What you are doing right now is only an opportunity for you to develop the capacity for your dream life.

  1. Your FUTURE is in your past: a sequel to the point above, where you are going is therefore directly connected to where you are going. Confusion sets in for people when they desire some sort of progress and they are completely naïve of what next to do – maybe you have been asking yourself that same question. Just maybe. The answer to the next thing to do is simply what you have done.

Often times, it’s not about the new thing to do, it’s about what is happening right now.
Let me rephrase it by saying this popular phrase, “Life is not fair”. As correct as that statement is, there’s a lot of wrongness in it. Life is really fair if you understand how things work in life.
Ideally, there’s no definition of life apart from what you give it. The universe itself is built to assist you to accomplish whatever you so desire. When things go wrong, simply take it as part of the process.
Life is designed to naturally propel you into your dream life. All that is needed is for you to stay optimistic and believe for the best outcomes in your endeavours. Expect that whatever you are in to take you to where you ought to be. Because no one knows exactly what will happen next, we can put in our best in what is happening now and expect it to yield the best results.

  1. Your EXPERIENCES shapes your DESTINY: it is okay for me to say again that your current engagements will take you to your destination. It doesn’t matter what it is or how bad your current circumstances are, if you put in your all with the right skill set (I would say more on this in subsequent parts of this blog), you will achieve the right results.

Keep on keeping on, you will get there. Don’t be overwhelmed by what your destiny is. Don’t get into paying people to know your star. Most successful people from ancient times have no records of doing such; they pursued their dreams, giving it all it takes and they became successful.

  1. Your PURPOSE is in your EXPERIENCE: my job role bring me to people from various backgrounds every day. I have found that most people are confused on what their purpose is and hence find it difficult to move forward with their lives and live with fulfilment. Fulfilment is every man’s right, but living outside purpose hinders fulfilment.

Purpose is a simple word that is quite confused largely. I prefer to teach that it simply means intent; yes, the reason. Purpose is the reason you exist.
Let’s take an automobile or a TV set for example. There is a reason the Television set was manufactured. The TV never cries about it’s why nor does it get confused about its existence; all that is needed is for it to be powered and boom, it is working. The same goes for a man.
What you need to do is to power your life by living it. The things you always wanted to do when you were ignorant and without pressure to perform or fulfil purpose are the same things you need to pay attention to. Many of those things you have exhibited at various forms in the past or in conversations unconsciously.
I have a belief that most people know what their purpose is, they only do not know that they know it. Purpose is not a big deal to grasp; IT’S IN YOUR EXPERIENCES, just like I shared in my own case.
Don’t ever say no to the things that come your way, only be strong and courageous, expecting them to bring out the best in you. One of my mentors once said to me, “MANY TIMES, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO DO, TO GET TO WHERE YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO”
I never wanted to enrol at the mechanic to learn. As a matter of fact, some of my friends made gest of me and some of my relatives were not happy with my parents for allowing me to go through such. But I had to grow tough, to go through on my destiny.
Do you have people bringing you tasks that ordinarily shouldn’t be yours, but because they have some level of authority over you, they assign you such duties? Don’t think in your mind, that’s not me, I won’t do that. Rather think, bring it on, there must be a lesson in this for me.
Let this be so until you’re crystal clear of what you are wired for… indeed, our lives keep unfolding and we keep discovering more of our abilities.
This applies to our work, employment, life, family and everything that concerns us.
Writing this blog, I look like I am writing as an aged man with grey hair, retired with grandchildren but I understand that my life is still evolving and I still have more seasons to roll around. I am however sure that what will happen to me is what has happened to me in the past, at one form or variance or the other.
Keep your faith on and believe for the best.
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  1. Awesome read!

  2. Great one!

  3. I read everything here.
    Truly our future is in our past!
    David started by leading sheep, then led distressed people, then led Hebron, then led a whole nation. The simple tread is LEADERSHIP..
    I can have have idea of the future by looking at my past.
    Thanks for this piece

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