The Four Wealthiest Guys

The Four Wealthiest Guys

I was checking up with a friend and asking what he has been doing during the lockdown, and I got a no directional response of; been doing a lot and nothing much, just there. I was confused with the response and I went a bit further to ask run me through what you do; his response was I have been trying to register for some courses, also read some books, go on social media, watching movies, and some new series most times. So I said I get the fact that you tried registering for a course but you have not started any and that has not changed you at all. He was like; what does he want to use it for now that this is his resting period and he might resume anytime soon. I said I would answer with a story from history that can help him understand the need for urgency.

In history, there was a great pandemic in a certain city called Sama, and it was a great city in economic and a state of the art city wall of defense against attacks from enemies just like the walls of Babylon, which was impenetrable and a lot of other cities have tried but have never passed through especially one city called Yria.

The Governor of Yria had several meetings and finally got a war strategist who advised that cut off their business based on his study of Sama they relied on import and their major farmlands are outside the city, so camp a large army to surround the city and ensure nothing goes in and out when they run out of stock they will have no option than to open the city gates and allow us to take over the city. So the governor gave a go ahead and they executed

The city of Sama surrounded for months had run dry of its stock and those with little food which were produced from their small farms or gardens were selling at very exorbitant prices that only the super-rich could afford it. The economy was at a collapse, exchange and interest rate was very high, businesses were closing and many folks were let go. Many people depended on begging and some robbing others for food to survive.

One day a man stood up with a loud voice saying he has been hungry for days and he has prayed and he could hear a voice telling him that everything will end tomorrow and every loan at a very high rate will be paid back with ease but everyone around him laughed and said the hunger has gotten to him and termed him a crazy old man. But four beggars listened to the crazy man and that sparked up a DECISION that they cannot keep begging and no more scraps in any dump to eat, so they agree to go out of the city that it is better to take the high-risk road where we either get caught, get fed and locked up or we get to feed and we put to death but we will not stay here feeling safe while we died inside.

They found their way to the gate and told the officials that it was a governor matter than they try to get something outside. The Yria army was camped at a far distance to avoid any form of the long-distance weapon hitting them but they stationed guards to monitor the activities of the gate which they have not reported anything since the gate has never been opened. So when the officials at the gate opened it, there was a loud noise because it had been locked for months, the Yria guards heard it and thought it was a large army coming from different areas, so they ran towards the army camp who also heard the noise and they saw the fear in the guards and all of them started running away without asking any question of what was happening.

The beggars were let out and the officials thinking the army will rush with the sound shut the gate immediately. The beggars went on a noticed no noise and when they decided to go closer the found out no one was at the camp. So they helped themselves to eat and they sighted all the seized goods from merchants and they ensured they went round and took all the precious and expensive things they could see and they went to hide it somewhere, they ensure that it was a lifetime wealth they got and ate more till they were filled. They decided to go tell the people of the good news and guess what, no one believed them and they responded; No one believes an inventor when he creates something new and yesterday a man told you things will change and you all called him crazy and we came to inform you the result but no one believes us, so they dipped their hands in their sack and brought out some spoils and the people believed and ran out of the city and they all struggle to get more of the spoils outside and everything the crazy man said came to pass.

The story ends with the new top super-rich folks of the city included the four beggars and they topped the list. A decision made them first partakers and they kept for themselves the most precious goods and a lot more without struggling; this shows that those who are ready early are at an advantage and there was a big wealth shift.

My question to you is when the lockdown ends will you remain relevant amongst your peers and will you be part of those asked to wait until the economy picks up?

The story was coined from an amazing history book of all time the bible 2 kings 7

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  1. Thank you sir for this… Such a good reminder.

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