The world as we know it, is a system built on relationships, be it social, business, family, environment, romance, sexual etc. We are wired for relationships, at every phase of our lives. It is therefore pertinent and important to have a sense of recognition as it pertains to relationships in your life as you place them in the cadre they belong.
Understanding Times and seasons in relationships is key, and we need to understand how to utilize these times and seasons of our lives as it is key to birthing and achieving the purpose.
The bible elaborates more on this in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; where it stressed there is a time for everything and a season for every activity.
I dare say, even in relationships there are times and seasons for it and I will be using Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 to give more explanation on these times and seasons;
Time to be born
Simply put, there are certain relationships that need to be birthed, the answer to most prayers we have made lies in relationships. There are connections, environments and of course relationships with certain people that ensures results.
God will not come down to give you what you want, but he will send someone (human) to come your way, Man, therefore becomes an extension of God, to meet you at the point of your needs. So it’s important to have and create healthy relationships, as God would most likely flow through them to get your needs met.
Your prayer this day should be; “every relationship needed for the actualization of my dreams, purpose, and destiny let it come my way.”

  • Father position me, for my testimony.
  • Father position me, for great relationships.
  • Let my feet take me where my destiny helpers dwell.
  • Let my giftings announce me before Kings and nations.
  • I am a city set upon the hill and cannot be hidden, therefore I am visible, those who need to hear me, hear about me, and those who need to see my star, see it.
  • Kings are coming to the knowledge of my rising.

Time to Plant
There is a time to plant, what does this mean to you? The planting season is a time to add value to yourself. It is amazing how people cannot connect or create a relationship because they have nothing to offer and this also affects creating a relationship with other people. Because of your current state.
The value you’ve added to yourself or the value you create or can create is directly proportional to the people you attract.
Scripture speaks of how David was one day playing skillfully and was heard by someone whose words and recommendation brought him to the palace (Destiny).
David had invested in himself, and the reward of that is you stand before kings.
We may have to undergo certain training in professional courses, watch educative videos, read, and research and if possible go back to school. Some of us might want to rebrand ourselves, business, relocate, etc. do something that adds to you and better positions you for Destiny. Some of us just need to come out of our comfort zone.
Our prayer should be; Father plants me in my land where I will be motivated to move forward and not remain stagnant.

  • Whatsoever I need to do, wherever I need to be, to attract the relationships you have prepared for my glory, please plant me there.
  • Whatsoever value I need to add to myself, skills I need to acquire, open the eyes of my understanding that I see and know them and apply myself to do them.

Time to heal, Time to Build, Time to Mend
For some of us, the reason why we are where we are his because of how we have dealt with certain people in the past. The decisions we’ve made as regards people and essentially relationships.
Take a moment and ask yourself, how am I dealing with certain relationships around me? How am I treating the people that surround me? Or you think it’s a coincidence that those people are in our lives? Think again. They all have roles to play, your duty is to find it as you build healthy relationships.
For some, Unforgiven has disconnected and cut you off from relationships that would have aided your success in life. Others are yet to heal from a hurt of the past. Rather than lighten that load and move on we decide to sink further into our negative mood and hate, which hinders us from moving forward or connecting with people.
The devil may or may not see the full picture of your destiny but a glimpse of what he sees is enough for him to strategize and execute traps to derail you from focusing on your destiny. He creates ignorance in us by not recognizing the right relationships and how to effectively utilize them.
A good example can be found in David and Jonathan, Their friendship was so unique and important that if anything had tampered with that friendship it could have cost David his Destiny. We also have Ruth and Naomi, Ruth’s Decision to stay with Naomi, irrespective of the odds or happenings paved a way to meet her Boaz.
A lot of us have destroyed relationships with our own Jonathan’s, while some are still looking for their Boaz. They fail to understand that their meeting with Boaz is tied to our relationship with their Naomi. (Certain relationship leads us to our destiny)
So we going to pray, every relationship I have lost in the past that’s vital to my purpose and destiny, father reconcile us.

  • Help us heal, help us build and mend back what was lost, stir my love in him or her, and bring us back to the place of purpose with a clarity of what our relationship is to birth.

A Time To Mourn, A Time To Weep. Time To Heal, Time To Laugh
It is okay to miss certain relationships, okay to cry and mourn for them, but most importantly it is very much okay to move forward immediately.
You may be asking yourself; how do I move forward from this relationship? Can I trust again, after all the experience from my past? Etc. Yes, you can. Dwelling in the past would only make you defensive against relationships and poison the possibilities of great and healthy ones. Move past them, learn from them and face the future with a positive mindset.
This Prayer is for you, Father help me heal, touch my heart, help me embrace the glorious future you have for me.

  • Help me forget the things that are behind and press forward to the mark of your high calling, better and greater relationships.
  • Help me see me as you see me
  • Help me forgive me.
  • Help me laugh again.

A Time To Kill, A Time To Tear,  A Time To Uproot, A Time To Hate,  A Time To War
A lot of us remain in certain relationships we should have long run away from and some remain in relationships where God has left.
That it looks good does not mean its God. We have to know certain relationships have a lifespan of their usefulness. We all need to be sensitive to God where our lives and relationships are concerned.
Who are the people you surround yourself with? Those who hold your hand like Moses in the day of battles, or those who betray you like Judas.
Who are your gees and confidants? Those who encourage you to stand and not waver in the face of oppression even though the majority are doing it. Those who stand with you like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego did, or those who deny you in the face of oppression when you need them the most, like Peter.
Without apologies where your destiny is concerned, there are certain relationships that just as to go such as; abusive relationships, oppressive relationships, parasitic relationships etc. due to us holding on to these relationships we have picked up some addictive wrong habits
It’s time we end some relationships that are no longer productive to our life in positive ways to avoid distraction.
Pray this; Father Deliver Me from this relationship (you know them, so begin to confess and mention them), wage war against it and separate me from it.

  • Father bring me out of every mess am currently in, as a result of wrong relationships.
  • Every stronghold I have found myself as a result of this relationship, deliver me from it and bring me out of such relationship.
  • Clean me Up Lord, make my brand new, work on my mind, and take away this urge and addictions.
  • Kill every desire and hunger for my past, and stir up in me an unending thirst and hunger for you.
  • Fill me up with
  • you till I overflow, make me run over with your glory.

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