Who do you blame! God or You?

Who do you blame! God or You?

I blame God for not getting me that deal I was expecting or that money from Mr. XYZ or Mrs. ABC to come through after all my hopes believe, prayers, fasting, praises and seed sowing to him and still he did not answer me or make it work out for me.

I must have gotten your attention with this right, however, I’m sure most people feel this same way or have felt this way at some point in their lives. Like you have a problem that needs to be resolved, luckily a deal comes the way that you feel will resolve the problem and you go into prayer mood and fasting and other activities you think should please God enough for that deal to pull through and finally the deal did not pull through. Our human nature then proceeds to play a game of who to blame for this downfall and you go straight to God with the all-too-familiar statement, “God, why?”. After all, you have done, and He still did not let it work, you would have loved to say “You let me down and failed me” but due to fear, some will still not say it out loud, but their mind says it all.

Honestly, you are not alone. Nonetheless, things changed after I had a good encounter with the big guy in me (Holy Spirit) he made me understand that firstly, people have started playing the role of God by dictating how the funds or results should come through, for example, we find people telling him that in order for me to pay my bills or rent I need an 8-5 job or a potential deal that came through should work out perfectly and the result is not what they want and they turn and blame God.

He also opened my eyes to understand that this has a lot of features such that they concentrate on the source and neglect God in the process. I have wanted to help sell a car for a friend and make cool cash to pay up a bill and my mind and prayer was God help me sell the car to make that money for the bills, while as at now the car has not been sold and I have paid part of the bills without the sales of the car. I should have concentrated more on God than on the sales of the car, which leads me to say the next thing.

God sometimes works in ways that we least expect. For instance, I have tried all possible options of how I think he will do things for me but still, when I look back I am still amazed at how he does his things. We are always excited, and we feel like shouting when we have a testimony. When a cancer patient who was said that he will die soon and has written off his will and he prayed and was healed, and this makes doctors to be amazed by something they cannot explain.

So, this little revelation has made me understand that I should do my thing but concentrate on what God says about everything and not giving him the ways to solving the problem. He has answered every prayer, but he knows the time to deliver it. It is not cliché, it is the truth. God’s time IS and always will be, the best.

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